Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor curing racks are installed inside an existing (or new) building, under the same roof with the production equipment. 

This design principle leads to a homogeneous unit of the curing rack with the main production building, in regard of foundation and working level, roofing and de-watering installations and design and appearance. Usually, indoor racks can be planned without the consideration of wind and/or snow loads, as they are not impacted by the climatic conditions. The following picture shows the same factory after it has been completed:

Outdoor curing racks are installed as a building separate from the main production building, but harmonized with the style of the entire facility.

This design allows the independent erection of the curing chamber and is in most cases more cost efficient than the indoor chambers of the same size, considering the total building expenses. Another advantage of outdoore curing racks is the option, to ammend the storage capacity at a later stage.

Elifraf supplies complete outdoor curing racks, including side walls, roof and all necessary accessories like rain gutters, lighting and other features, customized to the style of the entire facility.