Modern4Concrete El Sadat City / Egypt

In March 2021 Elifraf completed another outstanding project in Northern Africa, this time in Egypt. Modern4Concrete as the market leading producer of all kind of concrete elements established their second factory for concrete blocks, paving stones and landscaping elements, and Elifraf supplied the curing equipment for this standards setting factory.

Founded in 2009, Modern4Concrete is a market leading manufacturer of a full range of concrete building materials in El Sadat City, located between Cairo and Alexandria. One of their key fields is the production of small concrete elements for housing, landscaping and roadmaking, such as blocks, pavers or kerb stones. Their total factory extends on an area of 175.000sqm of land and their equipment is supplied by selected world class companies.

As in the first plant, MASA/Germany is the supplier of the main production lines. The dimension of the production pallets is 1400x1300mm which is optimized for 18 standard blocks in one layer, the pallets are made from steel. The curing rack is extended to 22 layers with 330mm distance between each level, and the plant works totally computerized to grant a perfect operation.

The climate inside the curing chamber is improved with an air circulation system, to better control the humidity an temperature in the three separated halls of the total chamber.