Marstone: Just another successful project with Elifraf Curing Systems in the Gulf Region

Marstone, a fast growing company with a long history in the field of concrete blocks in Dubai/UAE, is extending their business options with the investment into a state of the art plant for the production of all kind of concrete elements, not only blocks, but also paving stones, road or garden elements.

Marstone Curing Rack - Total view

Curing rack and Hess Finger Car

The project has two phases: first, the curing rack has been installed, together with the rails for the finger car system. This allows Hess, a leading manufacturer of concrete block producing plants and a member of the German Top Werk Group, to adjust their equipment accordingly.

In a second phase and after the insulation walls of the outdoor curing rack will be finished, Elifraf will install the completely computer controlled air circulation system. Air circulation is an essential feature especially in plants in this region, to guarantee same climatic conditions in all areas of the rack, regarding temperature and humidity, to achieve equal curing of the end products and their perfect quality.